Best Time To Visit Darjeeling, Season, Month In 2022

If you really wanna fix your wanderlust, you must visit Darjeeling once. You would be mesmerized to see Sky-high snow-covered mountains, misty tea gardens, zoo, toy train, and monasteries. That’s why Darjeeling is famous as “Queen of Hills”.

Darjeeling is one of those Indian hill stations that attract tourists throughout the year. The best time to visit Darjeeling totally depends on the personal choice.

However, I am giving you a glimpse of every season in Darjeeling, so that you can easily plan your tour in the most suitable season.

Best Time To Visit Darjeeling In Summers (May – July)

Best Time to Visit Darjeeling in Summers

Darjeeling is overcrowded by tourists in summers. People love to visit the “Queen of hills” in summer to enjoy the pleasant weather and stay away from the summer heat. However, if you are coming at the end of June or July, you may have to be prepared for heavy rains.


The temperature in Summer remains between 13°C to 19°C.


Darjeeling’s weather in Summers is quite pleasant for sightseeing and enjoying the beauty of this hamlet. You can roam around in cotton clothes the whole day and may need light woolens in the night or early morning.

Places To Visit 

  • Tiger Hill – If you love to hike or trek, then you must visit Tiger hill. You would love to be in nature’s lap and admiring views of the Kanchenjunga Range.
  • Peace Pagoda – Situated in the slopes of Jalandhar hills, Peace Pagoda is a Buddhist temple constructed with an aim of spreading peace and prosperity all over the world. Batasia Loop – is a big railway track loop created 5 km away from the city. Famous toy train takes a 360° loop here. You would be amazed by the breathtaking views of hills and greenery around.
  • Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary – preserves some exotic flora and fauna and habitat for animals like elephants, Indian bison, and Royal Bengal Tiger.
  • Tea Garden – You can visit local tea gardens which are total 87 in numbers and experience the famous Darjeeling tea by plucking fresh tea leaves. You may take help from people working in the gardens.


  • Normal cotton clothes would be sufficient for day roaming
  • Keep 1-2 light woolen clothes for nights
  • Do advance hotel booking to avoid last moment search due to heavy footfall

Best Time To Visit Darjeeling In Monsoon (June – August)

Best Time to Visit Darjeeling In Monsoon

Darjeeling faces heavy rainfalls during monsoons. You would love the lush greenery everywhere if you are okay with drenching in rain. 

If you want to experience tranquility, then this is the right time to stay connected with nature away from the hustle-bustle of cities.

Rain may also spoil your sightseeing plans and keep you stuck where you are staying.


The temperature in Summer remains between 11°C to 19°C.


Darjeeling’s weather in monsoons is amazing. You would love the misty blanket all over the town. The greeny and foggy atmosphere would make it amazing for nature lovers. 

But you get frequent and heavy rainfalls that would derail your plans. 

Places To Visit 

  • Hill Cart Road Drive –  This is the only time when you would encounter seasonal waterfalls, that enhance the beauty of Darjeeling. This drive would become a memorable drive for you with a  foggy misty atmosphere and waterfalls around.
  • Toy Train Ride – You would enjoy the breathtaking views of himalaya on this heritage train ride.
  • The Mall Road – You can enjoy peaceful strolls on Mall Road because of lesser tourists these days. However, don’t forget to keep an umbrella as you may get a sudden shower while exploring this hill town.


  • Keep an umbrella handy for a sudden shower
  • Carry light woolen clothes 
  • Keep your raincoat ready if you roam around in the rain

Best Time To Visit Darjeeling In Autumn (September – November)

Best Time to Visit Darjeeling In Autumn

Autumn starts in the mid of September if the monsoon doesn’t stretch. People start reaching Darjeeling to enjoy post-monsoon weather without suffering from sudden rain showers.

This is the time of Autumn flush, which is the year’s last tea harvest. Autumn harvest tea has a unique flavor and it is widely popular in the world.

You can see people harvesting in the tea gardens and can enjoy the fresh Autumn harvest tea from the estates.


The temperature during September to November fluctuates between 6°C to 18°C. 


Darjeeling’s weather in the Autumn season is quite pleasant. Skies are clear and you can see the snow lad peaks of Himalaya, which is an add-on to the beauty of this hill town.

The temperature starts getting reduced and you can enjoy the light coldness of hills in the night or during early morning walk.

Places To Visit 

  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute – If you are a hobbyist hiker or do it regularly, you must visit this pilgrimage of trekkers. Founded in Founded on November 4th, 1954 to support mountaineering as a sport. If you are a Tenjin Norgay fan (the first human to reach Mt. Everest) then its a must-watch for you.
    Teesta For White River Rafting – If you love to enjoy adventurous activities, you can enjoy white river rafting in the Teesta River. 
  • Dooars – This region is a nature’s delight where you can spot rhinos, red pandas and deers.


  • Carry socks and caps
  • Keep your essential medicines
  • Book your stay in advance

Best Time To Visit Darjeeling In Winter (December – February)

Best Time to Visit Darjeeling In Winter

Don’t worry about the snow if you are visiting in December, because usually, Darjeeling doesn’t get regular snowfall in December. But it may happen in January. 

If you are lucky to experience snowfall, you may enjoy the fairytale look of the snow-covered hill station.


The temperature in Winter remains between 2°C to 9°C.


Darjeeling suffers from chilling winds and freezing temperatures during this season. But tourists usually visit Darjeeling during Christmas and New Year for celebrations.

Places To Visit 

  • Cable Car Ride – This 45-minute cable car ride reaches you to an altitude of 7,000 ft. You can enjoy the mesmerizing scenic beauty of mist-laden valleys with colorful huts. The ropeway system has three stations based on their height – the lower, medium, and high station. You can choose any ride as per your preference.
  • Festivals Of Darjeeling – You can enjoy the Teesta festival to connect with local culture along with the Orange festival that happens every year in the winter season. 


  • Keep heavy woolen clothes along with extra scarfs, socks and woolen caps
  • Ask your hotel staff to provide you electric blankets to enjoy cozy sleeps 
  • Carry cash with you in case ATMs run out of money

Best Time To Visit Darjeeling In Spring (March – April)

Best Time to Visit Darjeeling In Monsoon

You can enjoy the best time of the year in the Spring season. You can enjoy the weather, roam around as fewer rains occur in this period. 

Secondly, nature is at its best in spring, you would love to see the blooming rhododendrons all around.  


The temperature during March and April fluctuates between 6°C to 17°C.


Weather is pleasant and blissful during spring. You would love to see nature at its best with clear snow peaks, flowers blooming and days getting slightly warmer.

Places To Visit 

You can visit any place discussed in this article during this time, however, I am listing a few places that I haven’t mentioned or that you can’t visit in other time period – 

  • Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park – If you want to see Red Panda, then you must go to Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park. You would amaze to see the exotic flora and fauna of this park. Zoo was established in 1958, covers 67 acres and a habitat for the snow leopard, Himalayan wolf and other species apart from Red Panda.
  • Sandakphu Trek – If you love trekking, then this is the best time to go for trek to reach Sandakphu at 11,929 feet. Trek is moderate and you would experience memorable scenic beauty in trek route.
  • Ghum Monastery – Established in 1850 by Lama Sherab Gyatso and this is the oldest Tibet Monastery of Darjeeling. Enjoy peace and tranquility at the height of 8,000 ft where this monastery is situated.


  • Carry some woolen cloths as weather can dramatically change in hills
  • Try to get up early and start your sightseeing, you would get amazing views during sunrise
  • Keep hiking shoes along if you are interested in trekking. You can easily get trekking gears in the local market at bargain rates. But always go with a registered trekking guide or company who comply with the safety norms.

Best Seasons To Visit Darjeeling  

The best season to visit Darjeeling is the Spring season. Because nature starts blooming and you enjoy the best scenic beauty of Darjeeling during spring. 

And you don’t get any places overcrowded because tourists are less in this period. You get easy accommodations at lower prices.

You can roam freely as days start getting cozier. Rains happen once in a blue moon, so you can enjoy the sightseeing. Along with that, this is the best time to go for nearby treks.

Monthly Weather In Darjeeling

SeasonTemperature RangeClimate
(March to April)
Min – 6°C  Max – 17°CPleasant and light cold
(May to July)
Min – 13°C  Max – 19°CWarm with moderate to heavy rain
(June to August)
Min – 11°C  Max – 19°CPleasant but heavy rainfall
(September to November) 
Min – 6°C  Max – 18°CPleasant and light cold
(December to February)
Min – 2°C  Max – 9°CCold and chilling

Final Thoughts 

Darjeeling is called “Queen of Hills” and this is true because you get everything in Darjeeling that you can expect at a hill station whether it’s roaming freely on Mall road, going for a trek, enjoying hot momos with famous Darjeeling tea or enjoying shopping in the local market. 

Don’t forget the toy train ride which is a world heritage site under unesco.

The best thing is you feel yourself in the lap of nature with lush green tea gardens, snow-clad peaks and misty fog around you to give you a mesmerizing experience.

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